Visiting Italy – Don’t Forget Opera Gelateria Lucca

If you ask people who love travelling and visiting places, they will talk about a few countries. Italy is one such country that is considered to be a fantastic tourist destination. While thousands of Europeans make a bee-line to this beautiful country, there are scores of other people who also visit Italy. They include tourists form countries like the USA, Australia, and New Zealand apart from many countries of Latin America.


Italy along with Greece is considered to be the harbingers of modern day civilization. It is, therefore, quite common to come across some of the most amazing and awesome buildings, churches and other architectural marvels that not many countries can boast of. The country has a lot to offer as far as the rural landscape is concerned. For example, Lucca is a fantastic tourist destination. It has many things to offer and whenever you talk about this city, you come across the term OPERA GELATERIA LUCCA. This actually is all about the awesome ice-creams that are a part of the history, culture and heritage of this beautiful city called Lucca and other surrounding areas. Therefore, any visit to Italy in general and Lucca in particular would be considered incomplete without trying out the fabulous ice creams of Lucca. They come in different flavors, shapes, designs, etc.


Italy is one of the few countries that are famous for its roadside stalls, beaches, stunning hillside tourist sports and other such interesting places. On the other hand, you also could spend some memorable time in Venice as the gondolas take you around the city. However, visits to places like Lucca are unique on their own. But it would be better to visit them in a planned manner and you should certainly visit sites like Sapori-e-Saperi and a few others. Those who understand a bit of Italian language may perhaps also be aware that Sapori and Seperi mean flavors and knowledge.

Therefore a visit to Italy can be considered complete only when you enjoy the best of food along with the best of places of tourist interest. While Lucca has some wonderful places of tourist attraction for people of varying tastes, those who visit it must certainly try out the various combination of OPERA GELATERIA LUCCA. The ice creams are unique in their own way. As the saying, the taste of the pudding lies in eating, the best way to know more about these ice creams is to try it out. Those who have active and curious taste buds will most certainly not be satisfied with a helping or two. They would not mind enjoying large chunks of frozen ice creams with the best ingredients and in the best flavors.

Taking the help of professionals like Sapori e Saperi makes all the difference. They can take care of everything from start to end and as a tourist your satisfaction and happiness is what matters to them.


So, the next time around, when you are visiting Italy, always keep your taste buds in perfect shape. The reason is quite obvious. You will simply love the special ice creams and other condiments that are locally made at Lucca. There cannot be a replacement to these authentic original ice creams.