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Safe and high standard travel service by Greys of Ely

Greys of Ely coaches company has been gradually developed since 1947. This company has moved to Witchford where a new custom-built is now available. The coaches and buses of Grey of Ely are being services in an exceptional way by using world-class equipment and technology. Exclusively, the company has a computer-based Coach Hire Manager for the customers who book coaches and buses for office and personal purposes. The hire manager takes care of all the booking process and quotation request of the privileged customers. The company has been providing topnotch services and products to the customers for many years. Frequently, the coaches and buses are monitored, and inspected by the specialists to reach the highest standards. Moreover, the buses and coaches are cleaned at frequent intervals so that customers feel comfortable and hygienic.

Different luxury coaches

The drivers of the business and coaches are qualified, talented, well experienced, and are possessing the necessary skills of driving to a long distance. The company extends its help to customers who need to travel a long distance viz company tours, or family tour. The company management is very proud to deliver quality service to the customers in and around Cambridge by their world-class services. The buses and coaches are available in different sizes and models to match the requirement of people. The size of the group is not a problem to this company because they can meet your needs exactly.

Wide range of business and coaches

Greys of Ely has the following bus and coaches models to the customers

16 Seat Minibus

29 or 33 Seat Midi+

36 Seat MidiXL

57 & 59 Seat Luxury Standard+

83 and 85 Seat Double Deck

36 Seat VIP Coach

The above luxury vehicle range coaches meet the requirement of the customers in a well-defined way. The customers can get a cleaned and service luxury coach accordingly. The unique feature of these luxury buses and coaches are the availability of air conditioning, toilet facilities, hot drink machines, DVDs, AV facilities, push back seats, and fridge. These features help customers to enjoy a lot on their long-distance tour happily. Your travel distance may be longer is not felt hectic by you due to the comfortable travel and hassle-free driving

The company also offers excursion trips to the customers by delivering tickets to musical night and also coaches travel. A discount feature is also offered by the company to the party exceeding more than fifteen numbers.

Other major services of the Greys of Ely coaches

The company offers exclusive traveling services to the following.

Corporate Travel Solutions

Airport travel

Excursions and day trips

Race days

School trips

Wedding day trips

School prom transport

Wedding guest transport

Christmas party transport

The above travel services of the company are done in an excellent way so that the customers do not feel any inconvenience and discomfort. The customers are given high respect and treated with dignity during the travel. The customers are dropped and picked up on time without wasting their time in any situation. The willing customers can get the online quote on the website.

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The Declining UK Steel Industry

Once home to a vibrant steel industry, the United Kingdom is now struggling to come to grips with steel production that’s on life support. Taxpayer funds are holding up a bankrupt British Steel as the government negotiates with a potential buyer and over 4,000 workers’ jobs are in jeopardy. Fifty years ago, the industry employed about 270,000 workers. Since then, the work force has dropped by 80%. This is the bleak picture described by in a January 2, 2020 article entitled “What Went Wrong at British Steel?” and other recent posts.

How did the UK steel industry find itself in such a mess? The reasons are many and varied. The Financial Times article entitled “The Long, Slow Decline of the British Steel Industry” puts blame on “a history of poor management, lack of capital and ill-judged state intervention.” There’s also the expansion of the steel industry in China. This country now produces over 50% of the world’s steel. Unfortunately, there’s more bad news. In an article by Chris Rhodes entitled “UK Steel:. Decades of decline” published on, Rhodes suggests that the prevailing tendency that has driven the downward fall of UK Steel will not depart any time soon.

Interestingly enough though, manufacturing is on the rise in the United Kingdom. According to “UK Manufacturing Statistics” from, the UK is “currently the world’s 8th largest industrial nation. If current growth trends continue, the UK will break into the top five by 2021.” Companies like Qualitetch, for example, a manufacturer of precision steel components for the past 25 years, has a national and global customer base that draws from the aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, technology, medical device, telecommunications, and renewable energy industries.

An additional boost to manufacturing, according to Rhodes, is the highly skilled UK workforce along with the recent development of manufacturing clusters–geographical connections of industries, suppliers and institutions in a particular field. Their success is birthing the idea that maybe something like the clusters could take place in the steel industry.

One thing is for sure. If there’s a will to revive British Steel, there is a way. Analyzing past decisions, learning from mistakes, and moving forward with a strong, innovative plan can boost the outlook for this vital industry. Out of defeat can come victory. Never give up!

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