Loft Conversion

Revealing the Hidden Secrets of Loft Extensions.

The world of loft extensions is a confusing one. It can seem as if there are so many options and even more questions. This guide aims to answer some of those questions and provide you with some useful information about loft extensions so you can make an informed decision.

Loft extensions come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular choice is a single storey extension. You’ve probably heard that they have a negative effect on the value of your home, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, they can actually increase your property value if done right. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about loft extensions.


Loft extensions are a popular choice because they’re quick and easy to install. Additions like this will give your home more space, but they can also be costly.

If you choose to install a single storey extension, it will cost you about £4,000-£10,000. The overall cost of loft extensions depends on the size of the extension and the materials used. However, if you hire an architect to design your extension for you, costs will be higher than average.

Additionally, loft extensions can increase your property value depending on how large or unique it is. For example, if you live in an urban area with many other loft extensions, adding one may not do much to change your property value. But if you live in a suburban area where there are few loft conversions available for sale or rent, then installing one may increase your property value by as much as 12%.


The most popular type of loft extension is a single storey extension. There’s also the possibility of adding more than one storey if you need more space. The best thing to do is speak to your architect or builder about what’s best for your home.

Loft extensions are usually attached to the existing roof of your property, but it may go up higher. It’s important that you ensure you have enough height in your property before considering an extension. You will also want to decide whether you want an open plan loft or one with traditional rooms.

It’s important to be aware that loft extensions can decrease the value of your home if not done correctly. Loft extensions should always match the style and quality of the original house, so make sure they are well planned out before building them.


The average cost for loft extensions is £24,500. Loft extensions can increase the value of your home by £35,000 if done right. Did you know that the average size of a loft extension is 90m2? Loft extensions are an investment in your property and can provide you with an excellent return.

A loft extension could be the perfect way to create more space at home without having to move or renovate. You may not have considered this before but it’s worth exploring what possibilities there are for your property!


There are some financial implications that come with a loft extension. You need to consider the costs of the extension and then any associated legal and building fees. These fees vary depending on where you live, but it’s important to get an accurate estimate of these costs before starting the process.

A loft extension will affect your property value, even if you’ve done it correctly. This is because new homes in modern developments are often built with extensions already accounted for, and this new space will be taken into account when determining your home’s worth. Older properties can also see their value increase by up to 25% after adding a loft extension.

The decision to go ahead with a loft conversion should be made carefully and based on all available information; just because many people have negative views about them doesn’t mean they are bad for everyone or always bad for everyone. The worst thing you can do is just assume that you know all there is to know about loft conversions.

A loft extension is a great way for homeowners to get more living space and make the most of their home. However, before you get too excited you’ll need to be sure you have the budget for this project. Keep in mind that a loft extension is a major investment and you will need to plan it out carefully to be sure that you have the necessary funds.

Loft Conversion

Surrey Loft Review


Surrey Loft Reviews is a website that allows users to leave reviews on their experiences with room rental companies in Surrey, England. Its main aim is to cut down on false or exaggerated reviews by verifying each reviewer via email address and including real photos of the property. The web site has over 500 user generated reviews for various properties located around this area, all of which are sorted into six different categories: “Location”, “Facilities”, “Value for money”, “Cleanliness”, “Customer service” and “Would you recommend?” Furthermore there is also an Advanced Search option so people can look for specific factors such as whether the property offers free wifi or not, if it’s suitable for families or young couples etc.


Surrey Loft Reviews was created by a young entrepreneur named Josh Palmer-Cooper in April 2009. He’d seen the problems of false advertising on travel review sites while trying to book a holiday, so he decided to create his own website based around this concept with the aim of making all reviews on his site completely reliable and unbiased by creating a system of verification via email address for each reviewer.

The web site has been expanding ever since its launch, with Josh continuing to add new facilities such as an advanced search engine that allows customers to find specific properties based on their needs or interests that they may have. This gives Surrey Loft Review’s visitors more options when looking for what type of accommodation they are looking for.


Surrey Loft Reviews is currently the most popular room rental review site within the UK, with over 500 listings of rented out properties in Surrey alone. Although the web site itself doesn’t have any direct affiliation to these companies, each property can be contacted directly via their own website or through their customer service department which is shown on every review they have on this site. Most of these companies are also busy creating their own websites so that they can increase their client base and advertise more effectively as well as being able to edit or delete reviews if they are not 100% accurate about something they may have said about them previously.


The way that Surrey Loft Review’s system works is that anyone can sign up as a reviewer with their own email address, username and password. Once they’ve done this they are then able to choose which type of accommodation they want to review using the six different categories listed on the homepage. They are also given three free ‘entries’ so that they can go ahead and look at properties for sale or rent.

Each individual property has its own dedicated page where visitors can see information about its location together with details of how many rooms it has, whether it contains any extras such as wifi access etc., what facilities there are nearby (shops, bars etc.), how far it is from London and other major surrounding towns/cities, what the price of staying there is per night during the week and the weekend, what the average price of staying there is throughout the year and finally how long it typically takes to get from that property to central London on a typical morning commute.