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Private girls college in Hertfordshire

Do you have a girl child in your house? If yes, what you have decided about her education? Her school education is given paramount importance by you. How? You can choose a top-notch school like St. Francis College in Hertfordshire city. This college is well versed and experienced in producing quality students so far. St. Francis College is delivering one-of-a-kind school education for the bright future of the children. Unique features of the college entice all the parents and kids invariably. The teaching system of the college is state-of-the-art and methodological. St. Francis College is an independent school for girl students. This day and boarding school is admitting students aged between 3 and 18.

Why your kid need St. Francis College?

Your kids’ future should be given paramount importance by you. So, you should seek admission to St. Francis College in Hertfordshire city. The college offers an exclusive education system to the kids who join here. The girls are given full freedom to learn here and they can express their views openly. Each student is allotted a separate teacher for coaching and individual care. The teachers take care of the kid to the core. Individual attention is given by the teacher for the knowledge enrichment of the students.

When we look at the classroom sessions, the teacher-students ratio is limited. Hence, the teachers are able to supervise each student easily and professionally. Due to the intensive coaching and attention, the kids are able to acquire knowledge without any hassle. The students are nurtured from day one they join the school. The moral, spiritual, and emotional values of the kid are developed by the school teachers to the core. Moreover, each student has monitored individuals for analyzing their growth and skills.

Boarding features for girls

The boarding facilities offered by St. Francis College are top of the line and have got a tremendous response from the parents. The flexible boarding facilities entice many students to stay here while studying here. A diverse cultural environment and one-of-a-kind facilities make students feel comfortable and relaxed. Girls are allowed to stay from the age of six onwards. During their stay, a lot of activities are organized by the college management. The unique feature of the management is that they develop the kids’ social responsibility and respect for others when they stay. Hence, they become a fully grown individual once they leave college.

Alumni gatherings

Every year, alumni meetings are gathered inside the campus for the old and new students. The past students are invited by the college authorities to share their experiences and ideas with the present students. The present students are benefits from the core due to the valuable ideas and thoughts of past students. Many advice and tips are given by the old students to the present students for their life enrichment.

Are you a parent looking for an excellent school, never forget St. Francis college for your kids. Your girls’ education gets better and her life becomes brighter if she gets enrolled in college.

education UK Boarding

St Francis College is an exclusive place for your daughter’s life

St Francis College, a Boarding school in Letchworth, England fulfills the desire of the aspiring girl students to the core. This day and boarding school for the girls aged between 3 to 18 take care of your daughter’s education with special care. The students are given ample opportunities to develop their skills both academically and culturally. The vast experience of the school helped plenty of girl students prosper. The students are developed physically, morally, and socially. Hence, the school management puts its best efforts when recruiting students for the school. It recruits students specifically giving importance to their future.

Unique features of St Francis College

During the education program for the girls, the management gives importance to the students’ future by making them responsible citizens. The students are given opportunities to recognize their value and contribution to society. Hence, they are developed into a socially responsible person. Asides the modern education system, the students are explored to various programs that are awakening the brain. The students are made to fully understand their role in this society and overcoming the challenges in their life once they leave school.

The students are taught by giving individual attention and hence the small-sized classroom education system is adopted. The ratio of teachers to the students is very limited. The students are given many chances to focus on their skills development and also academically. Personal development and independence are the major areas given importance by the school management. The school officials regularly conduct parents students meetings for their well being.


The girls from Prep VI to Upper Sixth are given boarding facilities. The students are majorly allowed to mingle with the staff and hence they feel the home atmosphere in the staying place. Both staff and students are allowed to mingle each other for a common purpose. Hence, the students are able to understand themselves in this situation and are able to feel oneness with responsibility. The students are getting tremendous support and love from their caretakers in each activity.

Alumni program

Each year the school authorities are taking massive steps to conduct alumni meetings by inviting past students to get assembled in the college premises. The present students and the past are given opportunities to interact with each other. Through this interaction, the present students are able to get and gain experience of past students on many topics. The past students share their life and professional experiences to the young students in the college. The Alumni meeting enhances the expectations and goals of the present pupil to a great extent.

Entrance examination

The students are given chances to prepare for various entrance examinations. The tests in Maths, English, and non-verbal reasoning are given vigorous training by the senior staff. The 13+ maths past papers entrance preparation is the major highlight of the college. The parents of the girls who want to sharpen the skills and talent of their daughters are free to contact the school management for any query and prospectus request. Indeed, your child will become a mature and brilliant person once she finishes her schooling.

UK Boarding

Milton Keynes preparatory school- know the benefits offered to child.

When you want to give the best education to your child, you should put them into the best Milton Keynes preparatory school. This is the best way of offering the best knowledge to the students so that it will have a positive impact on your child’s mind. It is important that you select the best school for your child because it will help your child to enjoy a successful life. There will be less pressure on your child when you put him/her into a good school so that you will offer the best learning and knowledge to your child. You should never worry when you select the best prep school for your child so that the teachers of the school will teach them and ensure that they are carefully molded for a successful career. The right kind of school will also increase the chance of getting your child into the most reputable school of the city.

Benefits offered by Milton Keynes preparatory school

Preparatory school or prep school is the best way of making your child ready for his secondary and higher secondary education. These schools are especially designed for making the children comfortable while following a routine and going for their regular classes. It is considered as a bold approach that will help the student to enjoy following the right education for succeeding in his/her future. The teachers of these schools are very qualified and dedicated so that they will get a meaningful career ahead. Additionally, the students at the prep schools are also assessed frequently for their education, learning and academics so that their weakness will be turned into strength. These teachers also offer individual attention to the students who are guided and are taught in the world class manner so that they can get admission in the best school. Since the students to teachers ratio is very favorable, it helps the students to get undivided attention so that they will grow and learn better.

The high caliber teachers of the prep schools put in a lot of efforts for molding the students in the desired manner so that they will succeed in their life in future. They are expert in all the subjects and make sure that students are trained and taught everything that they need according to their age. They will also ensure that students will get good grades in school by learning in an excellent manner so that they will enjoy learning all the subjects. These prep schools also have the best facilities that are needed for all round development of the students so that they will get the best education along with extracurricular activities. Your child will become well rounded students with balanced education that is very important for getting the best outcome from the prep school. The use of technology is making the students to learn everything very easily and in a digitalized manner so that they will get the best quality education. With education, sports and physical activities, your child will become a better student who will get good grades in every subject.