Luxury Sofabeds

Sofa beds are a versatile product. You can use them as sofas and they can be also used as beds. The sofa beds can make your living room look gorgeous.

But, it’s really hard to find the best-class sofa beds. Hence, you may have to search for hours to buy a good looking and comfortable sofa bed.

‘Cocoon’ know these problems. That’s why they manufacture outstanding sofa beds. It’s a London based company and all of their sofa beds are marvelous.

These luxury sofabeds have a high comfort level. Moreover, Cocoon has used the latest technologies to make them. Hence, these sofa beds can impress anybody.

To help you to know more about these sofa beds, a detailed discussion is given below.

Why Cocoon Sofa Beds Are So Luxurious?

1) Excellent Quality

Cocoon has used a great mattress inside these sofas. Their unique (Pocket-Sleep) technology has also made these sofas highly comfortable. These sofa beds have a mattress called – Pocket-Sprung. These technologies and supreme quality mattresses have helped Cocoon to produce luxurious sofa beds. You may want to sit, roll, and lie on these sofas again and again.

2) Multiple Designs

Great designs can make a sofa look more attractive. That’s why Cocoon has designed jaw-dropping sofa beds. All of their sofa beds have magnificent designs. You can choose from corner sofa beds and chair sofa beds. Furthermore, they have sofa beds with two and three seats. Hence, these sofas can fit into any room.

3) Colorful and Durable Fabrics

The fabrics on the Cocoon sofas are truly versatile. You can find many types of colorful fabrics on Cocoon’s website. They have micro suede and micro-weave fabrics. Apart from that, their sofas are also available with micro chenille and micro-cloths. Their micro leather fabric’s collection is also beautiful.

The best part of these fabrics is its strength. These fabrics passed multiple tests at Cocoon. As a result, these fabrics don’t fade away easily. So, you can rely on these supreme quality fabrics.

4) Easy To Transform

Some sofa beds are time-consuming. It may take a long time to transform these sofas into beds. But, Cocoon sofa beds are easy to transform. Your single touch can transform these sofas into beds. Cocoon’s ‘E-motion’ technology has been used to manufacture these sofas. As a result, these sofas are super easy to use.

5) Ease Of Cleaning

These luxury sofabeds can block water or other liquids. Hence, the fabrics hardly absorb any type of liquid. Moreover, you can use water to clean these sofas. So, cleaning these sofas won’t be a problem to you. The fabrics on these sofas are children and pet friendly. Hence, they can use these sofa beds safely.

The sofa beds have a modular design. Additionally, these sofa beds have clever spaces inside them. Therefore, you can hide many things inside these sofas.

These sofa beds are comfortable and they have attractive designs. Furthermore, these sofa beds are available in many sizes. In short, Cocoon’s sofa beds are perfect for your home’s rooms.

So, visit their website and choose a stylish sofa bed for your beautiful house. (