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St Francis College is an exclusive place for your daughter’s life

St Francis College, a Boarding school in Letchworth, England fulfills the desire of the aspiring girl students to the core. This day and boarding school for the girls aged between 3 to 18 take care of your daughter’s education with special care. The students are given ample opportunities to develop their skills both academically and culturally. The vast experience of the school helped plenty of girl students prosper. The students are developed physically, morally, and socially. Hence, the school management puts its best efforts when recruiting students for the school. It recruits students specifically giving importance to their future.

Unique features of St Francis College

During the education program for the girls, the management gives importance to the students’ future by making them responsible citizens. The students are given opportunities to recognize their value and contribution to society. Hence, they are developed into a socially responsible person. Asides the modern education system, the students are explored to various programs that are awakening the brain. The students are made to fully understand their role in this society and overcoming the challenges in their life once they leave school.

The students are taught by giving individual attention and hence the small-sized classroom education system is adopted. The ratio of teachers to the students is very limited. The students are given many chances to focus on their skills development and also academically. Personal development and independence are the major areas given importance by the school management. The school officials regularly conduct parents students meetings for their well being.


The girls from Prep VI to Upper Sixth are given boarding facilities. The students are majorly allowed to mingle with the staff and hence they feel the home atmosphere in the staying place. Both staff and students are allowed to mingle each other for a common purpose. Hence, the students are able to understand themselves in this situation and are able to feel oneness with responsibility. The students are getting tremendous support and love from their caretakers in each activity.

Alumni program

Each year the school authorities are taking massive steps to conduct alumni meetings by inviting past students to get assembled in the college premises. The present students and the past are given opportunities to interact with each other. Through this interaction, the present students are able to get and gain experience of past students on many topics. The past students share their life and professional experiences to the young students in the college. The Alumni meeting enhances the expectations and goals of the present pupil to a great extent.

Entrance examination

The students are given chances to prepare for various entrance examinations. The tests in Maths, English, and non-verbal reasoning are given vigorous training by the senior staff. The 13+ maths past papers entrance preparation is the major highlight of the college. The parents of the girls who want to sharpen the skills and talent of their daughters are free to contact the school management for any query and prospectus request. Indeed, your child will become a mature and brilliant person once she finishes her schooling.