Metal etching

Chemical etching is a common procedure done for the designing of jewelry. What is chemical etching process and what are the applications of etching process? This is a common question asked by people new in jewelry making procedure. In this article, we are going to see some among the main applications of etching process in chemistry. Introducing complex designs in metal parts may not be an easy task for new comers in jewelry making procedure. This condition can be reduced by making use of chemical etching process in jewelry making procedure. At present, majority among the jewelry designers are making use of etching process to alleviate their difficulties in jewelry making. Generally, etching process is done by going through a series of procedures. First procedure of chemical etching process is done by covering the metal with photo resist material so as to get CAD image. Unwanted material after coating the photo resist material is removed and the remaining sheet is covered with ferric chloride for the requirement of etching process in metal. Now the mask is removed and the remaining sheet can be suggested as an etched metal. Etched metal is renowned for its versatality. Flexible metal sheets are renowned for its ability to create complex designs. Traditional ornaments generally constitutes complex designs. This condition can be satisfied by making use of etching process in metal sheets. Which metal sheets can be preferred for etching process? This is another main query discussed while considering metal etching process. As per studies, metals like copper, brass and silver steel are generally used for the making of etching process. Apart from the above specified metals, there are many other metals like molybdenum and nickel that can be used as a material for etching process. Thickness of material is one among the main factors considered while discussing etching process in metal sheets. Common thickness provided by experts in etching process is 22 gauge and 24 gauge. Retention of metal property is a main factor considered while discussing etching process in metal sheets. Metal properties can be retained and this feature reduce money loss. At present, there are many designers online providing guidance regarding etching process. Majority among the designers suggest etching process in metal sheets as a way to safeguard money by reducing labor cost. Tooling equipment and cost of tooling is high for non etched metals. Hence feel free to select etching process prior to jewelry making.