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Decorating with glass panels

Something that many people don’t think about when looking for ideas for decorating a family room is adding stained glass panels. Regardless of your personal style, stained glass can be a lovely addition to any room. There is something timeless and elegant about stained glass that attracts a very large group of people. Adding stained glass to your family room decor can create a sense of amazement and amazement in your visitors and is sure to be a topic of conversation. These are some of the benefits of incorporating stained glass into your family room decor.

Combined with any decoration style

Regardless of your style, stained glass can be customized to match your color scheme. Even if you set very modern living accents in your entire family room, there are stained glass windows that fit wonderfully and naturally into your furnishing theme. Mission-style white stained glass is geometric and perfect for a modern or contemporary decorating style without adding unwanted pops of color to the area. If your style is more traditional, a classic Victorian stained glass or fleur-de-lis panel will fit your space perfectly while adding elegance to the room at the same time.

Create a spotlight

Nothing attracts attention like a stained glass window. Regardless of whether you opt for a bizarre table with your favorite animal, classic geometric shapes, flowers or fruits, a stained glass pane can serve as an eye-catcher for your family room. It not only creates a stimulus for the room, but can also serve as a good starting point for conversations, as the guest inevitably wants to know everything about it. Stained glass windows are just beautiful in almost any setting. You can even get an American flag stained glass window to show your pride in the country for all to see.

Enhance the natural light

There was a time when stained glass windows could only be seen in the most luxurious of cathedrals and homes due to the cost and labor involved in creating these works of art. Today everyone can take this home and enjoy the magical quality it adds to the light entering through their windows. There’s something amazing about looking at a sheet of stained glass in sunlight, and it’s great for amplifying the natural light that falls into your home. Having stained glass in your home will give you a sense of beauty and wonder every day.


With hanging stained glass there are no problems installing the glass. While you should definitely resize your stained glass to match the window you are installing it in, there is no need to remove the window or try to replace your glass. Instead, these hanging panels include two small hooks near the top of the jar. Simply attach decorative chains to hang on the window and place the stained glass on top. Stained glass installation takes only a few minutes, but you will enjoy it for years.

By hanging stained glass on your windows, the sun’s rays can still capture the colors and illuminate them perfectly. Most people add them to a bathroom or kitchen, but of course you can place them in any room or window in your home and get the full effect. You don’t have to spend a fortune painting a house with stained glass, and today a simple hanging panel is all it takes to completely transform a room into a stunning place to sit and watch. Choose the panel that best suits your needs and you will be minutes away from a great new look.