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Vegetarian boarding school in UK

  • Located in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, England, St Francis College is a leading vegetarian boarding school. The school has been educating students since 1854 and is well known for its innovative approach to teaching.
  • Our vegetarian ethos is at the core of our college, and we believe that it is important for students to learn about sustainable living and healthy eating from a young age. Our meals are meat-free, and we also grow our vegetables on site. We believe that this approach helps students develop a respect for animals and the environment and a healthy appetite for plant-based food.
  • We are proud to be one of the only vegetarian boarding schools in the UK, and we believe that our approach sets us apart from the competition. Our students enjoy a unique learning experience, and they are encouraged to think about the impact that their food choices have on them and the world around them.
  • St Francis College is a Roman Catholic boarding school for boys in the UK, catering to children between 11 and 18 years old. The college’s website says that students are given “an introduction to Christianity” as part of their moral education.
  • Accommodation at St Francis College is provided in single rooms, each fitted with a bed, wardrobe, desk, and chair. A tuck shop on-site provides snacks throughout the day, including breakfast cereals, lunches, and chocolate bars. There are indoor sports facilities including football pitches and two gyms – one used primarily by younger students and the other by older ones.
  • The college itself hosts several regional activities such as camps or ski trips; these opportunities often include free time for students to see the local area.
  • The college is a vegetarian boarding school uk that offers specialized courses for boys with certain interests, including football, art, design, drama, music, computers, and theology. These are run by staff at the college during weekends or after hours.
  • Students can participate in various sports teams through St Francis College – both of a school nature (such as cricket) and general ones (such as rugby). Other facilities on-site include two science laboratories, an IT suite, and a library that stocks over 10,000 books. Dinner is served five times per week in the dining hall where students sit at long tables having conversations with their peers – friends are not allowed to sit together, so everyone has to get used to engaging others in conversation. There is also a chapel on-site, which students and staff can attend for services or personal reflection.
  • St Francis College is one of the few schools in the UK that does not serve any meat or fish products to its students. The college has a strong belief in the benefits of a vegetarian diet and believes that it can play a key role in promoting good health and well-being. The college has an extensive range of vegetarian-friendly dishes served at every mealtime. Students have access to various healthy foods, which include fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. In addition, the school offers several special dietary options, including vegan and gluten-free meals.