Factors Affecting the Price for Dog Walking in Bristol

You can expect to pay an average of 10.37 per hour for Bristol dog walking. There are so many things that can affect the average price for dog walking. Yes, this is one thing you would need to dedicate a budget to. You must not let your dogs just stand by at home the entire night. It can be bad for them if they don’t have any exercise. You must take them out and you should hire someone if you think you don’t have the time to do it. When you know your daily expenses, you should keep in mind the amount you will spend on the dog walking as there are many factors. Here are some of them:


The more experienced a dog walker is, the more she will charge you. It would be worth it since she will take less time in picking up the dog’s poop. In addition, she will not take that long in making the dog happy. She knows what needs to be done in order to make the dog smiling and enjoying every minute of the walk. Some people have been walking dogs for a long time and they started with walking their own dog until they grow accustomed to loving what they do. If you love animals, this is certainly something you would want to do and you would not even mind the additional income.

Training Involved

There are some trainers who will include dog training in the walks of the dog. It would be awesome for your dog to learn additional commands. If you think it is necessary to teach your pet those commands, then you will get a great deal. However, if you already trained your dog the basic commands then it won’t make sense to have your dog be walked by a trainer. It would be a lot cheaper to let an average dog walker do the job and you can already expect your dog to be pretty happy.

Dog Breed

There are some large dogs that are hard to contain when they act a bit premature. Therefore, if you own a dog breed like that then you will need to pay more when you have someone walk them. Add that to the fact that their poop is larger than usual. Thus, dog walkers would have a harder time picking up the poop and putting them in the garbage can. It is expected that the smaller breeds are much easier to handle. There are times when they would piss on all the car tires that they see as that is something you are going to have to get used to.

Now that you know what you must focus on when attempting to spend for Bristol dog walking, you must get your money’s worth. Therefore, hire someone who has been walking different breeds of dogs for a long time. It won’t be advisable to get someone who is not that familiar with it. The important thing is your dogs get to have fun.