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Etched glass design

Etched glass design offers a number of possibilities, both practical and decorative. The patterns can be geometric or fanciful — even cutout letters — creating a new look for existing windows and doors as well as inserts in door panels and other applications.

Etching is an age-old technique that can be applied to glass, but you need the right tools and materials and some specialized instruction. Depending on the complexity of the design, etching may be time-consuming.

Tools: The necessary tools include a drill with bits; old clothes to protect your skin from potential splashes of acid; small containers for mixing chemicals; rubber gloves; protective eyewear such as goggles or sunglasses; paper towels to wipe spills; safety edge film (this comes attached to some masonite boards); a specialty etching tool called a Dremel; and replacement drill bits.

Materials: In addition to the glass you wish to etch, you’ll need hydrofluoric acid (HF) as well as muriatic acid (HCL). Both are available at most hardware stores in the pool care section. Alternatively, HF is available online from chemical supply companies. You’ll also need distilled water; six-inch or eight-inch Masonite boards; beeswax; paper towels; 220-, 600-, 800-grit wet/dry sandpaper (if your design calls for it); two squeegees for spreading etching cream on the glass; ammonia (optional but recommended); newspapers or plastic to protect the work surface (the acid can ruin countertops and floors); a glass cutter; window cleaner; clear silicone caulking; rubber gloves; oven mitts; a scrap of wood for stirring etching cream.

The etched glass design is an age-old technique that can be applied to glass, but you need the right tools and materials and some specialized instruction.

Depending on the complexity of the design, etching may be time-consuming. The etched glass design is one of many methods for adding detail or decoration to windows or doors without replacing them, so they are both practical and decorative. The patterns can be geometric or fanciful — even cutout letters — creating a new look for existing windows and doors as well as inserts in door panels and other applications.

Etching is an age-old technique that can be applied to glass, but you need the right tools and materials and some specialized instruction. The etched glass design is one of many methods for adding detail or decoration to windows or doors without replacing them, so they are both practical and decorative. The patterns can be geometric or fanciful — even cutout letters — creating a new look for existing windows and doors as well as inserts in door panels and other applications.

The necessary tools include a drill with bits; old clothes to protect your skin from potential splashes of acid; small containers for mixing chemicals; rubber gloves; protective eyewear such as goggles or sunglasses; paper towels to wipe spills; safety edge film (this comes attached to some masonite boards); a specialty etching tool called a Dremel; and replacement drill bits.

In conclusion, etching is an age-old technique that can be applied to glass, but you need the right tools and materials and some specialized instruction. Depending on the complexity of the design, etching may be time-consuming.

Air Conditioning

aBOUT wall mounted air conditioning unit

Mounted wall air conditioning units are an excellent option for a variety of reasons. Though they may be more expensive than traditional wall air conditioners, wall mounted air conditioning unit have many benefits that make them well worth the higher price tag.

This article will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted heat pumps to help you decide whether or not wall-mounted ac units are suitable for your home. Let’s start with the benefits:

Wall-hung air conditioners can save space – A wall mounted air conditioning unit takes up no space at all on the floor, which is something that complete-sized window units can’t do. If you’re looking to conserve as much floor space as possible, wall heating systems are your best bet. Wall-mounted ac units are also great for wall-hanging bedroom air conditioners, so if you have a home office or guest room with floor space to spare, wall-mounted is the perfect option.

Wall-mounted ac units are easy to clean – Traditional window AC’s tend to collect dust over time due to their large size and position on an outside wall. If your wall unit protrudes out past the window opening, it can even catch wind-driven debris that would otherwise be carried safely away by the breeze. Wall heating systems are small enough to not allow for much buildup of dust, making them easier to maintain than their larger counterparts. This makes wall mounted air conditioning unit more energy-efficient as well — after all, there’s no dust to block cooling airflow!

Wall-mounted air conditioners can be easily fitted with heating elements. If you’re looking to heat your home in the winter, wall-hung ac units can be outfitted with electric heating elements that will come in handy once temperatures drop. Some wall-mounted wall ac units are all-in-one systems that provide both air conditioning and heated air without requiring any connecting vents or ductwork–plug them right into an electrical outlet, and they’re ready to go. Since wall mounted air conditioning unit can be easily fitted with heating elements, they’re a good option for many homeowners in colder climates.

Wall mounted air conditioners require minimal service – Traditional wall air conditioners don’t require much work. Still, wall hung ac units are even more accessible to maintain and service than their floor-standing counterparts. Since wall heating systems don’t take up any floor space at all, there’s almost nothing to clean under or around them except the cord and plug. Your heating technician will love the easy access when it comes time for your annual maintenance appointment. There you have it: some of the most significant advantages of wall mounted heat pumps compared with standard window AC units like Friedrich wall mounted AC units.

Wall mounted air conditioners are more expensive – Though wwall mounted air conditioning unit may seem a bit pricy at first, they can save you money in the long run. Traditional window wall heating systems only cool the room directly behind them, but wall as can be installed in any wall of your home–even walls without windows. Since wall mounted tower heater units don’t require ductwork with metal vents or insulated tubing like traditional window AC’s do, there is no cost associated with installing special venting to the outside of your home — making them much cheaper than their floor-standing counterparts in terms of initial installation costs.


How to Create a Geographic Heat Map in Excel.

Heatmaps are popular in Excel because they can be used to show how different areas are heated up or cooled down. A heatmap can show you how many people live in a certain area, the type of housing that is available, the type of economy, the types of restaurants and bars that are available, and more.

Heatmaps can be very helpful in planning or forecasting events or trends. In this blog post, we’re going to learn how to create an excel geographic heat map add in.


To make an excel geographic heat map add in, you’ll need the following:

  • A spreadsheet with your data in it;
  • A color scheme for your heat map;
  • A blank heatmap template; and
  • An Excel graph.

Start by making a new spreadsheet using the Data tab on the ribbon or select New from the File menu. In this example, we’re going to make an excel geographic heat map add in of all of North America.

Next, add your data to your spreadsheet. Keep in mind that you need specific fields for each location for the data to be analyzed properly. When adding these fields, remember to give them an X-axis and Y-axis label so that you can use them later when plotting on your map.

After adding your data, add a blank row above it and insert a chart into that row (Chart Wizard). Then make sure that you select Heat Map when prompted to choose what type of chart to create. Finally, select Blank Heat Map Template on the right side of the dialog box. You should now have two rows of data across the top and one row below it with an empty chart within it.

Next, go back up to your first row of data and fill out Column A with


The process of creating an excel geographic heat map add in is simple. You will use the drag and drop method to create your heatmap. This means that you’ll first need to open up your map in a new worksheet and then select a series of cells in the desired area. Next, you will copy all of the formulas in these cells and paste them into an adjacent cell so that they are all in one row. Next, click on all of the formulas and drag them down until the bottom of the page.

After your formulas reach the bottom, you will click on each one individually and drag them up until they reach the desired level for your map. Then, you will repeat this process for every other desired level on your map until it has reached its desired size.


To make a geographic heat map, all you need to do is add two columns and a row in your spreadsheet. The first column will be labeled “areas” and the second column will be labeled “heat areas.” The final column will be labeled “color.”

You want to divide your map into four sections, each representing one type of data you want to look at.

The first section will show the different types of housing available in the area represented by your heatmap. You’ll want to use red for condos, purple for single family homes, blue for small apartments, and green for large apartments or townhouses.

The second section will show the top 10 industries that are in the area represented by your heatmap. You can watch this video tutorial on how to create an industry list in Excel or just use this list as an example:

Healthcare, retail, finance/real estate/business services, education and training services, manufacturing/assembly operations (e.g., aerospace), construction and engineering services, transportation and warehousing services, government administration and defense

energy generation/production (e.g., nuclear power plant)

environmental protection


After you have created your excel geographic heat map add in, you can easily export it to a variety of file formats.

Excel offers three options for exporting your heatmap: the Heatmap Image option, the Excel Table option, and the PDF Exporter.

The Heatmap Image option is great if you want your heatmap to be interactive and show data in an image like a JPEG or PNG. The Excel Table option is useful if you want to use your heatmap as part of a pivot table or another analysis tool in Excel. Finally, the PDF Exporter can create very attractive and easy-to-read PDFs.


A geographical heat map in Excel is a good way to visualize the patterns of a particular geographical area, while also making quick changes so that you can see how your data changes over time.

Construction Tape

Learn What are Deck Joists

What are Deck Joists?

The most significant part of the structure you will be working with is deck joists when building a deck. When people talk about decking, they refer to wooden boards that cover an outdoor area of their home or building; these materials can include pillars or columns, floors, and rails. Deck joists can be made of various types of wood like redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine. These days deck joists use metal connectors in which long strip material is attached to small beams.

Deck joists are used in steel-reinforced concrete slabs, where they are employed to support both vertical and horizontal loads when creating roofs over areas such as patios or walkways. When laying out your design for your Deck, it is essential to make sure that the number of joists you will be using will support your weight and any additional objects, such as outdoor furniture and plants. Deck joists can also be used in suspended concrete floor construction where they are laid across two columns or beams or placed vertically between columns under which there is a series of horizontal beams.

There are many benefits of Deck Joists. The Deck joist is used for constructing the decks. Deck joists are designed with edges parallel to the support beams. Deck joist mainly serves as squaring up blocks, attaching ledger boards, and raising deck level to 4 inches, providing enough room for railings, etc. We all know that Deck is an attractive structure for having meals or sitting somewhere outside the home without getting bored or feeling tired on hot summers or rainy days. Still, it may be risky to stand on Deck Joists at their ends because they can break down easily near corners, so if you want your Deck to be safe, then choose Deck joist wisely.

Before choosing Deck Joist, you should know the Deck size and the Deck design. Deck joist come in many shapes and sizes, which varies from board spacing to thickness, but it is better if Deck Joist has a minimum of 2-inch thickness for being more durable; Deck joists are made of different types of wood such as Eastern red cedar, Hem Fir or Douglas fir, etc. You can also get a Deck joist with inbuilt clips, providing excellent support when nailed to the support beams. Deck Joists have been designed in such a way so that Deck can be raised to 4 inches comfortably without making them too high, which is very important while designing Deck Plans; otherwise, homes may lose their attractive look due to more elevated decks.

Deck Joists usually need 2-3 boards, one on top of the other, to be placed in a Deck or Deck floor so that they can bear more weight. Deck Joists are coated with different types of paint for protection from weather conditions. Deck joist prices may range from $25 to $40 per board feet depending upon the Deck size and number of Deck joists required. They have been designed specially keeping all weather conditions in mind because if Deck Joists fail, the whole Deck will collapse, which is pretty dangerous for anyone standing or sitting on it.

So while choosing a Deck joist, it is advised to consult a professional carpenter who knows about Deck construction and framing very well. They will suggest to you all the necessary things based on your needs, requirements, etc. If you need Deck Joist, then a Deckbuilding contractor will help you in choosing Deck joist quickly.

education UK Boarding

Vegetarian boarding school in UK

  • Located in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, England, St Francis College is a leading vegetarian boarding school. The school has been educating students since 1854 and is well known for its innovative approach to teaching.
  • Our vegetarian ethos is at the core of our college, and we believe that it is important for students to learn about sustainable living and healthy eating from a young age. Our meals are meat-free, and we also grow our vegetables on site. We believe that this approach helps students develop a respect for animals and the environment and a healthy appetite for plant-based food.
  • We are proud to be one of the only vegetarian boarding schools in the UK, and we believe that our approach sets us apart from the competition. Our students enjoy a unique learning experience, and they are encouraged to think about the impact that their food choices have on them and the world around them.
  • St Francis College is a Roman Catholic boarding school for boys in the UK, catering to children between 11 and 18 years old. The college’s website says that students are given “an introduction to Christianity” as part of their moral education.
  • Accommodation at St Francis College is provided in single rooms, each fitted with a bed, wardrobe, desk, and chair. A tuck shop on-site provides snacks throughout the day, including breakfast cereals, lunches, and chocolate bars. There are indoor sports facilities including football pitches and two gyms – one used primarily by younger students and the other by older ones.
  • The college itself hosts several regional activities such as camps or ski trips; these opportunities often include free time for students to see the local area.
  • The college is a vegetarian boarding school uk that offers specialized courses for boys with certain interests, including football, art, design, drama, music, computers, and theology. These are run by staff at the college during weekends or after hours.
  • Students can participate in various sports teams through St Francis College – both of a school nature (such as cricket) and general ones (such as rugby). Other facilities on-site include two science laboratories, an IT suite, and a library that stocks over 10,000 books. Dinner is served five times per week in the dining hall where students sit at long tables having conversations with their peers – friends are not allowed to sit together, so everyone has to get used to engaging others in conversation. There is also a chapel on-site, which students and staff can attend for services or personal reflection.
  • St Francis College is one of the few schools in the UK that does not serve any meat or fish products to its students. The college has a strong belief in the benefits of a vegetarian diet and believes that it can play a key role in promoting good health and well-being. The college has an extensive range of vegetarian-friendly dishes served at every mealtime. Students have access to various healthy foods, which include fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. In addition, the school offers several special dietary options, including vegan and gluten-free meals.
Construction Tape

Ways To Use Double-Sided Tape: The Best Uses for Strong Adhesive

Double-sided tape is a strong adhesive that is typically clear and has a low shear strength. It is widely used in packaging, construction, crafts, and DIY projects. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the many different uses for double-sided tape.


  1. Packaging

Double-sided tape is perfect for packaging because it is strong and waterproof. What’s more, it’s easy to remove without damaging the material it has adhered to.

  1. Arts and Crafts

Double-sided tape is great for arts and crafts projects because it holds securely without leaving a residue when removed.

  1. DIY Projects

Double-sided tape is also perfect for DIY projects. It’s strong and works for a variety of surfaces, such as fabric, wood, and glass.

  1. Construction

Double-sided tape can be used in construction because it is strong and waterproof. It is often used to affix carpet to the floor, but can also be used to fix cracks in walls and tiles.

  1. Repairing Equipment

The adhesive on double-sided tape makes it easy to repair equipment such as guitars and drums. It’s strong and works to hold everything together without damaging the object you’re repairing.

  1. Window Protection

Double-sided tape can be used to protect windows from breaking or getting scratched by placing it on the outside of the window before you close the curtains or blinds. This way, the


Double-sided tape can be used for a variety of applications, such as sealing envelopes or book bindings, gluing binding materials to paper, and attaching pictures to a scrapbook. However, when it comes to double-sided tape, you need to know how to use it properly.

To ensure you use the adhesive correctly, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Double-sided tape should be used in a clean and dust-free area.
  2. The surface must be free of any dirt or oils in order for the adhesive to work properly.
  3. The surfaces should be pressed together firmly and evenly to ensure the adhesive will stay in place.
  4. The adhesive should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold temperatures.
  5. The adhesive should not be exposed to moisture for long periods of time. If exposed to moisture, the adhesive will lose its bonding ability and become less sticky.
  6. When exposed to high humidity, the adhesive may become brittle and lose its bonding ability.
  7. You should never open a roll of double-sided tape and leave it exposed for extended periods of time because it will lose its bonding ability.
  8. Double-sided tape is not


Double-sided tape is a versatile adhesive that is useful in many different applications. It is also well suited for many different materials because it can be used in both hot and cold environments.

When trying to use double-sided tape, it is important to remember that it is not a permanent adhesive. It should only be used to hold something in place temporarily. This should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best time to use double-sided tape.

Construction Tape

100mm Scrim Tape for Customizing Your Lighting

Scrim tape is 100mm wide black gaffer or vinyl tape designed to act as a solid adjustable flag. The name derives from the term used in theatrical lighting, where 100mm width pieces of black cotton muslin fabric were fixed to a metal frame with hooks and placed between lights and actors for controlling light (thus giving rise to the “dead” lighting effect). 100mm scrim tapes are made in either 100% vinyl gaffer’s tape or 100% cotton cloth, but the dimensions remain the same.

What’s 100mm scrim tape used for? 100mm scrim tape can be applied to your light modifiers like any other kind of adhesive grip. By placing 100mm strips on your flash heads, grids, snoots, walls, gobos, etc., 100mm scrim tape will provide you with a 100% solid object. This is particularly useful for blocking light spill, reducing the intensity of your light, or creating custom gobos. 100mm scrim tape can also create flags on reflectors and beauty dishes by mounting them to 100mm studio clamps, available at any significant photographic store.

100mm scrim tape is a tool that every photographer should keep in their bag. This article will explain how you can use 100mm scrim tape to customize your lighting and why 100mm scrim tape is an essential item for every location shoot.

100mm scrims are made from a lightweight polyester fabric that has been coated with a thick layer of black vinyl. The 100mm width of the scrim allows it to be attached between lights and softboxes, creating a portable light control panel that can help manage light spill and provide even falloff across your subject. 100mm scrims attach easily to the front rods on most standard-sized softboxes too large to fit into a studio strobe’s umbrella receptacle, as well as many studio strobes, light banks, and video lights that offer 100mm accessory mounting sockets. Most 100mm scrims are 100cm long by 100cm wide – they’re black on one side to control the spill, white on the other to reflect light onto your subject for a pleasing softbox effect, depending on how they are oriented.

What are the key differences between 100mm vinyl gaffers tape vs. 100% cotton cloth? 100% cotton cloth scrim tape is much more expensive than 100% vinyl gaffer’s tape due to its higher quality material. 100mm cotton cloth tapes are not as strong as their vinyl counterparts, but they offer significantly fewer reflections (which could potentially damage your subject). 100% gaffer’s tape is stronger, more durable, and 100% reflects light into the matter. 100mm cotton scrims can be easily torn, and 100mm gaffers tape is often sold on rolls, which could save you time and money if you’re not planning to buy 100m of 100mm scrim at once.

Winding up: 100mm scrim tape is an essential tool for any photographer who wants to take their lighting game to the next level. It’s beneficial as a highly adjustable flag, so it will indeed find its way onto your flash head, snoots, and grids soon. If you want to get more out of your gear or own some quality studio clamps, then 100 mm scrim tape will help you do that in no time.

If you found this helpful article or think that 100mm scrim tape is something you’d like to try out yourself, please share this 100mm Scrim Tape review with your friends. If you have any questions about 100mm 100% gaffers tape vs. 100% cotton cloth scrims, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Air Conditioning

4 tips for finding a good air conditioning company

The summer heat can be unbearable, but there are ways you can keep cool without spending a fortune on air conditioning.

You might not think of it as an option, but opening windows at night and sleeping with just a sheet is one way to beat the heat without breaking your budget. And in some places, where the humidity makes it feel warmer than 80 degrees even at nighttime, that’s a good idea all year round. Of course, if you have pets or kids who need their own space, this isn’t going to work for you. But try putting fans in every room and open windows when you go out during the day for relief from high temperatures. If these options don’t work for you either, you will need to turn on the air conditioning. But before you do, consider these four tips for finding a good ac conditioning company.


Getting references is one of the most effective ways to research companies. If someone has had positive experiences with certain companies in the past, they’ll be able to give you feedback on their reliability and quality of service.


If you want to find a company that has been around for several years, then look up local business listings online. Choose companies operating at least five or 10 years because it means they are stable enough to operate in the long term.


When reading reviews, make sure to look for negative and positive comments about AC companies with which you are considering doing business. If there are numerous complaints about poor customer service but very little else in terms of negative critique, this might be an excellent company to try.


You can start by inquiring about any AC technicians’ professional certifications. You should also ask if they are members of any trade associations or organizations; this is usually a sign of commitment to high customer service standards. While you’re at it, find out what type of equipment they will provide you with. If you want air-con units installed in your home, make sure these are meant for domestic use rather than contracting work so that they won’t wear down too quickly.

Another tip is to find out what type of license and insurance coverage the technicians hold so you can feel more comfortable about their work. This will protect your home and belongings as well as helping prevent accidents from occurring due to negligence or carelessness on behalf of the AC company.

These four steps will help you to find a good ac conditioning company for your needs. It might take some time to research companies, but plenty of excellent ones provide high standards of service at reasonable prices without breaking the bank. When you finally choose one, read through all documents carefully before signing any contracts or agreements with them to ensure an optimal fit between consumer and supplier.

Air Conditioning manufacturing

daikin air source heat pumps

Daikin is a multinational, top global HVAC company known for its commitment to research and development.

Daikin offers a range of products which includes commercial units for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system as well as residential units for home or residential use. Daikin even has split systems that are designed to fit together with the company’s high wall booths.

In this day and age where carbon footprints have become very important, climate control has been made more efficient thanks to heat pump technology from Daikin. This type of technology allows users to access different modes such as cooling mode in summer time and heating mode in winter time by just one touch of a button on their control panel.

Heat pumps have sustainability credentials because they use less energy to achieve the desired temperature in a room. This is based on the fact that it draws heat from outside air rather than using electricity to heat up all the time.

The Daikin TX system has won many awards for its advanced technology because of its high level of performance, efficiency, reliability and design. The indoor unit is compact which makes it suitable for any type of installation out there. There are also different sizes available so users can choose according to their needs or space restrictions. It’s even possible to daisy chain multiple units together with just one outdoor unit while still enjoying comfort in each room individually. Each unit operates quietly under normal conditions while delivering quality airflow volume throughout the room regardless of overall system operating status.

Daikin has many heat pump air conditioning systems available for home and office use such as the Daikin Air Conditioning System, Multi-Type Wall Mounted Unit, Split Type Room Air Conditioner, Floor Standing Room Air Conditioner.

There are other heating equipment that are perfect for all year round comfort just like the Floor Standing Type Heating Unit which allows users to manage their room temperature at a level that uses less energy. The Heat Pump Water Heater is another one of these products because it can provide hot water regardless of outside temperatures so users have access to hot water even during winter time when temperatures may be freezing cold. There are also several options available for outdoor units depending on factors such as budget or space availability.

One of the most important factors to consider is how much energy each unit uses and the cost per year for operation. Daikin air source heat pumps can help reduce operating costs because they use about 25% less energy than conventional systems out there. The annual running cost for this type of system will be approximately 1000 Euros which is cheaper compared to similar products.

The advanced features that come with heat pump HVAC units from Daikin also mean that users have full control over their indoor climate without worrying too much about extra expenses. Whether you’re looking for a solution for your home or office, ensure that you know all the available options and benefits so you can make an informed decision as soon as possible.

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Hadham – Oct 2021.

Hadham, October 2021

The Hadham Group had only been around for a few years but had become one of the biggest conglomerates in the UK. With private investors and a board that had ties across Europe and Asia, it had spread its reach far and wide. Its main company – Tendacom – had begun to develop hardware and software that had had a profound impact on the market. From iPhones and computers to smart televisions and cars, they have altered the way we use technology. As such, it had turned many of its staff into millionaires – if not billionaires – overnight, although it had inevitably meant there were people who had become resentful towards the company and how much money had been made.

The Hadham Group has had a presence in the UK market for over two decades. Over this time, it had acquired many residential properties around London for renovation projects to be undertaken. However, the Group had restructured its business model in 2020 to complete development projects on these properties instead of undertaking refurbishment. It had now entered into another partnership with multiple investors to construct 800 new homes in Hadham, Hertfordshire. This had ramped up the efficiency and skill with which it had always worked on residential projects.

This had brought an opportunity for long-time investors to become involved with this project at a ground level, with significant benefits promised upon completion. The Group had already started the groundwork for construction and had plans to complete the project in October 2021. The Group had also planned to develop 120 affordable housing units within the 800-unit project approved by English Heritage and met all local building requirements.

The Hadham Group had made a presentation of its progress with investors and discussed future projects with them; Hadham had talked about the Group’s plans to expand its project pipeline over the next few years. It also aimed to initiate joint ventures with local authorities and had planned to go public in 2022; Hadham had proposed a target of 750 new homes by 2021.

Hadham had made investments in large-scale home building projects in the past. It had had success in mixing large-scale buildings with commercial use and had successfully diversified into that sector.

The Group had experienced an increase of over 36% within the last six months. Hadham had acquired new clients for construction services both locally and internationally, contributing to this rise. However, it had also been noted that Hadham had not had any significant rise in profit margin.

According to the Hadham Group, house prices in Hadham had a monthly growth of 0.9% in October and annually; 7.9%.

This continues to show how popular Hadham has become as an area to live and invest in due to its proximity to London, affordability, and ease of commute into the city.

The average house price in Hadham has continued to remain high, increasing by 10.4% annually, where the average was £420k. This increase is because of housing stock availability due to redevelopment across the town and surrounding areas.