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Qualitetch has existed for the last 25 years providing solutions to our customers for every one of their specific manufacturing needs. We are committed to world class service using the latest machinery and equipment and implementing lean manufacturing principles. We have served numerous industries over the years, and you can, therefore trust us with your component manufacturing needs. Our qualified staff can handle simple and complex manufacturing problems using the least time possible. We are quick and efficient with a target of doing it right the first time.

We have a passion to give the best customer care and communicate effectively and efficiently as our customer referrals is our greatest source of growth. Quality is guaranteed right from when our customers contact us to the working period and even after sales services.

Etching is the traditional process of incising a metal by cutting into the unprotected parts to come up with a design. Copper and zinc in different proportions form the metal alloy brass which we use for signage, screening cans and jewellery at Qualitetch. Other products of acid brass etching are door knobs, valves, locks and some music instruments.

At Qualitetch, we ensure that our process of Photo Chemical Etching leaves the metal without any irregular rounded mass and maintain it stress free with all its properties intact.

After finishing the design, the brass is cleaned and before printing, UV sensitive photo resist covers the sheet for protection. The next process done is to run the brass through a chemical bath using ferric chloride. This acid suits both hard and soft metals.

The final process is to remove any chemicals and photo-resist and our qualified QA technicians come in to approve the job.

Contact us for any acid etching brass information or ideas to be manufactured in metal.