Used Rubber Conveyor Belt

You need a conveyor belt but you cannot quite afford a new one. There are used rubber conveyor belts available for sale, but like with all things second hand you have to be very careful if you choose to buy one. There are websites that offer used conveyor belts for sale, and these are an excellent place to source one. The only problem, however, is that it can be quite difficult to know the condition of your purchase until it arrives, at which point it may be too late to return it and get a refund. It is therefore a good idea, if you decide to buy a conveyor belt from one of these sites, to choose one that is known for good customer service – if you are not happy with your purchase you should be able to return it and get a refund or another rubber conveyor belt.
You can also look into factories that are closing down or going into receivership – they will be looking to get rid of assets at low cost and you can get yourself quite a good deal. It makes sense if you can find one near you – you can travel to see the condition of the rubber conveyor belt that you want to buy. Remember, however, that if you have a problem with your purchase you have no recourse – these kinds of transactions do not allow for returns.
Another place to look would be on manufacturer websites. They sell off their old stock from time to time at reduced rates and you can get a rubber conveyor belt at low cost.
Try Performance Conveyor Belting Ltd. – they occasionally have second hand conveyor belts for sale and can offer you a good deal.