Taxi from Stansted

While it may be easy to hire a taxi in your home town where you are familiar with the transportation, it may not be so easy in Stansted if you are hiring one for the first time. You can flag down the first one that you come across but it is never a good idea – things have been known to go wrong. London is a big and busy place and the best thing to do is plan ahead. Here are some tips to guide you:

• Check on the reputation of the taxi service that you have in mind – in today’s competitive business atmosphere reputation is everything. Fortunately, many people are happy to write reviews online so that is where you should check. If you come across more than a couple of bad ones you should stay away.

• You should look into the safety record of the company that you have in mind. Many people go with the big brands because they feel that they can trust them but this doesn’t mean that you should write off smaller companies – there are many that are very keen on safety.

• Pricing is very important when it comes to taxi hire. Look for a company that has metered taxis. The best ones are able to tell you in advance how much you will be paying. Be careful about the route the driver takes – there are some that will take an unnecessarily long route so that they can charge more.

One of the most reliable Stansted taxi companies is Style Taxis. They have a large fleet that is always in good condition. They encourage customers to book in advance especially if they will be arriving at night. Their drivers are trained, reliable and punctual.