Small Group Tours of Tuscany

You are determined to have a different kind of holiday this year and are taking your friends and family to Tuscany on a small group tour. What can you do to make sure that it goes without a hitch? First of all, congratulations. Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and not only will there be lots to see, you will also have plenty to do because the weather is great.
Group tours are a great idea because you get to visit places that would otherwise be out of reach on a budget. There are however some important steps that you should take to ensure that you don’t get any surprises along the way. The first is to make sure that you understand exactly what you will be paying for. There are some companies that sell group tours that aren’t really group tours when you look at how much they cost. The idea of a group tour is to have everyone pay less than they otherwise would have if they came alone. Look at your calculations and make sure that you are working with a tour company that has competitive rates.
Group tours can be a bit of a drag if you bring people along who don’t have similar tastes when it comes to taking in the sights. If you plan a day out sightseeing and one or two of you want to go off and do something else you will have to pay more. It is best if you all agree to stay together as a group for the duration of your tour. Additional activities can be planned around the main ones.
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