SEO in Cambridge

The pressure to hire an SEO agency for your Cambridge business is building – you have realised that your competition is getting ahead because they take search engine optimization seriously. This is no reason for you to hire the first SEO firm that you come across – while many of them claim that they will help your website achieve top ranking, very few of them are able to deliver tangible results. It is important to do background checks before you hire any SEO agency.

Many small business owners, in the rush to get their websites ranked, usually go with the SEO agency that promises the fastest results. Unfortunately this rarely works. SEO is a process that takes a while. Depending on the current state of your website it may take you a few months to see any tangible results. If, for example, your website is relatively new it will take longer to get it ranked than if it has been around for a while.

Your initial interview with an SEO company will also tell you a lot about them. Good SEO agents take the time to understand where their clients are coming from and what their goals are. They do an initial free assessment so that they establish how much work is required to make the website rank. They will also talk to you about what you hope to achieve with the campaign – is it branding, more leads, new product launch? For your interview to be successful it is important to prepare this information beforehand. Make sure that you hire an SEO company that is very clear on how they will report back to you and what metrics they will report on.

A Head in the Cloud is one Cambridge SEO company that comes highly recommended. They will study your competition’s strategy so that they can help you get better rankings.