Self Wiping Toilet Aid

Independence believes you should live life to its fullest.  In fact, our self wiping toilet aid offers extra reach for personal wiping. This ensures you remain clean and hygienic at all times, and this item is mobile and perfect for all family or business trips. No matter your age, you need an effective bottom wiper that truly makes life in the bathroom easier. Why settle with only tissue when this product continues to receive stellar industry rating and customer reviews?  Simply access our products page to learn more about this item with detailed information, prices and reviews.
The Benefits of Self Wiping Toilet Aids
When you lose dexterity to reach behind, this simple device restores your independence and dignity. In fact, you can simply wind toilet tissue or wet wipes around the soft rubber grips. This ensures optimal wiping and cleaning, along with effective hygiene for everyday cleanliness. You simply need to hold the toilet firmly in use, while releasing after wiping. This means there is no need to touch, as well as straining yourself to reach around and wipe.
Self Wiping Toilet Aid Specs
The Self Wiping Toilet Aid size is 11″ (28cm), and available in blue/white color. It conveniently rests on the side of your toilet bowl and commode, and can easily be put away when not in use. While we cannot accept returns on this product at this time, we work hard to help you make a worthwhile and informed buying decision. At Independence Ltd. UK, we are committed to helping customers dealing with inconsistence and bladder control problems. From adult nappies and diapers to disposable pads, we are committed to excellence in all our products and services. Simply visit our website today or reach out to us for more information.
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