School Boarding House

The fact that a school has an excellent academic track record doesn’t always mean that their boarding facilities are as good – in some cases you will find that students do well in spite of tough boarding conditions. As a parent of a child in a UK boarding school you should make sure that they live in a good boarding house – it is the only way they will be able to focus on their studies. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:
•    Every good boarding school makes sure that students are supervised at all times when they are in their dormitories. They have a dormitory supervisor – a man if it is a boys’ boarding school and a woman if it is a girls’ – and they are present from the time students report back after classes until the following morning. They also accompany the students out of the dormitories in the morning and make sure that they are all in class.
•    The boarding dormitories will have all the necessary facilities. Students will have clean bathrooms and they will be provided all toiletries, they will have quiet places where they can study at night, they will have proper lighting and everything else that the school deems necessary.
•    There will be strict rules in place about bed time so that students can get the rest that they need. There will also be rules in place about students who disobey curfew.
•    The best boarding schools have an hour or two in the evening where students are allowed to do things like watch TV or play indoor sports.
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