Portable Music Stand

You would think that buying a portable music stand would be easy – after all they are of simple construction. You would, in fact be wrong. There are many different types of music stands in the market and they come with different qualities. You want a stand that will serve you well so it important to take several important qualities into account.

The first is weight and centre of gravity. You want a music stand that will stand well by itself. There are some in the market that are made of hollow plastic and these are the worst. A good music stand should be made of metal so that you can hold down your music sheet or booklet with a magnet. It however shouldn’t be too heavy – remember the key word is portable so you should be able to easily carry it around. You may be tempted to buy one that is made with wire because they are the lightest. These are okay but keep in mind that they topple easily you may not be able to use them outside on a windy day.

The other thing to take into account is a tripod base. Music stands that have this kind of bas are the sturdiest. You may come across one that has a round or square base. These tend to tip over and wobble which interferes with your playing. A tripod base ensures that you can focus on your music stand.

Shelving on a music stand is important. You want to have a place where you can throw your keys and mobile phone while you play. Many stands have one shelf but if you shop carefully you will find some that have double shelving allowing you to put away a music book or two.

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