NSA 6650 price

Security is paramount to your business and to that end you have decided to invest in an NSA 6650. The average price of such a unit is about £21,000 but looking around you will find that there are some companies that sell these units for less. The temptation may be to go with the cheaper option but you should be very careful about this. Companies that sell the NSA 6650 for less than about £20,000 may not be offering everything that you need. There are several things that you ought to ask before you buy:
•    Will I get installation, and if yes how much will it cost me? There are some companies that only sell the unit so it is up to you to find someone to install it, an additional headache that you can do without. Others will sell you the unit on the cheap but charge you exorbitant fees for installation. You are better off buying the unit for the regular market price and having it installed at a reasonable cost.
•    Will you get regular maintenance with the unit? This is very important. When it comes to security you cannot afford to go without regular maintenance and you want someone standing by in case of any problems. The best vendors of NSA 6650 are those who are able to provide maintenance on an on-going basis at a reasonable fee.
•    Can you get financing? Let’s face it – £20,000 is no small amount for a small business and if you can pay for your unit slowly it can be a big help. There are companies that allow their clients to get on a payment plan. You can pay for the unit slowly over time but you have to pay for maintenance every month.
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