Mitophagy Detection Kits

Procuring mitophagy detection kits may not seem like something that will take up a whole lot of your time or effort – how many suppliers of such kits can there be in the market? You may surprised though; there are so many companies that provide supplies for life sciences firms and most of them sell these kits. You have to be careful with your procurement process so that you can choose kits that will help you make important discoveries, not the opposite. As you go through your list of prospective suppliers look into the following:

•    Look into the reliability of kits that the company has supplied in the past. Have there been any complaints of tainted kits or kits that do not give the expected results? How many customers have complained and what steps has the suppler taken to correct the problem? A conscientious supplier, especially one in the life sciences, will take ultimate care to ensure that there are no complaints from clients, and when there are they will take steps to remedy the situation.

•    What is the lead time? Life sciences products suppliers are divided mostly in two – there are very big companies and then there are the small ones. The big companies tend to have longer lead times because they cater to many large customers. As a small life sciences firm you may find that you have to wait a long time for your orders to be delivered. Choose a company that can fulfil your orders in the shortest possible time.

•    Can the supplier that you have in mind come up with custom made products? Life sciences are all about experiments and many times these need to be customized in order to observe certain reactions. The company that you choose should be able to customise products as required.

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