Hug Rug Door Mats

Whatever the weather, we all track mud, dirt and other debris into the home. This not only makes floors unsightly, it makes for extra chores and can prove to be a falling hazard if whatever was tracked in is slippery. Door mats are a good way to make sure that none of these things happen. There are many kinds of door mats in the market but none better than Hug Rug door mats. You don’t believe it? Just check what user reviews have to say.

Hug Rug door mats are made 100% in the UK – they come from a cottage industry in Yorkshire. They absorb 95% of all dirt, moisture and mud leaving your floors much cleaner. You will not have to worry about kids coming home from the playground covered in dirt and mud – place a Hug Rug door mat at the front and back doors and all dirt and debris will be left there. These mats are also excellent for dog owners – place them in your dog’s path and keep your floors clean.

Hug Rug floor mats are suitable for all kinds of floors including hard floors. They come in non-slip form in case you are worried about falls around the home. You can get them in all kinds of designs – whatever your decor you can be sure that you will find something that is suitable.

They are made out of 100% recycled material and you can wash them at home – no more transporting your rugs to the carpet cleaner. The manufacturers of these rugs give you a 5 year warranty – if your mat suffers wear and tear in that time they will replace it for free. This tells you just how long lasting these rugs are.