Equine Paddock Maintenance

You have added a few more horses to your paddocks and you cannot afford to do paddock care yourself anymore. Paddocks need to be well maintained if you want your horses to be healthy at all times. Overgrown paddocks that are not cleaned on a regular basis are a source of serious horse diseases that can lead to fatalities. They also look unkempt and you will not be proud to show them off to friends and family.
With your new horses you have decided that the best way to maintain your paddocks is to hire a professional but you are not sure what sort of company you should be looking for. Many lawn care companies also advertise themselves as paddock care companies and this can leave some people confused – could it be possible that if you get the same people who take care of your lawn to take care of your paddocks you will be pleased with the results?
The best paddock care companies are those that can demonstrate that they are experienced in this field. They should be able to show you at least 3 names of clients whose paddocks they are currently taking care of. Follow up the references to make sure that the information that you have been given is accurate.
It helps if you can find a lawn care company that is well versed with horse care as well. True, they will not take care of your horses, but their condition can tell you a lot about the paddocks. The lawn care professionals should be on the lookout for problems and if they spot anything of concern they should point it out and suggest solutions.
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