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Your Solution To Metal Component Manufacturing

Qualitetch has existed for the last 25 years providing solutions to our customers for every one of their specific manufacturing needs. We are committed to world class service using the latest machinery and equipment and implementing lean manufacturing principles. We have served numerous industries over the years, and you can, therefore trust us with your component manufacturing needs. Our qualified staff can handle simple and complex manufacturing problems using the least time possible. We are quick and efficient with a target of doing it right the first time.

We have a passion to give the best customer care and communicate effectively and efficiently as our customer referrals is our greatest source of growth. Quality is guaranteed right from when our customers contact us to the working period and even after sales services.

Etching is the traditional process of incising a metal by cutting into the unprotected parts to come up with a design. Copper and zinc in different proportions form the metal alloy brass which we use for signage, screening cans and jewellery at Qualitetch. Other products of acid brass etching are door knobs, valves, locks and some music instruments.

At Qualitetch, we ensure that our process of Photo Chemical Etching leaves the metal without any irregular rounded mass and maintain it stress free with all its properties intact.

After finishing the design, the brass is cleaned and before printing, UV sensitive photo resist covers the sheet for protection. The next process done is to run the brass through a chemical bath using ferric chloride. This acid suits both hard and soft metals.

The final process is to remove any chemicals and photo-resist and our qualified QA technicians come in to approve the job.

Contact us for any acid etching brass information or ideas to be manufactured in metal.

Hug Rug Door Mats

Whatever the weather, we all track mud, dirt and other debris into the home. This not only makes floors unsightly, it makes for extra chores and can prove to be a falling hazard if whatever was tracked in is slippery. Door mats are a good way to make sure that none of these things happen. There are many kinds of door mats in the market but none better than Hug Rug door mats. You don’t believe it? Just check what user reviews have to say.

Hug Rug door mats are made 100% in the UK – they come from a cottage industry in Yorkshire. They absorb 95% of all dirt, moisture and mud leaving your floors much cleaner. You will not have to worry about kids coming home from the playground covered in dirt and mud – place a Hug Rug door mat at the front and back doors and all dirt and debris will be left there. These mats are also excellent for dog owners – place them in your dog’s path and keep your floors clean.

Hug Rug floor mats are suitable for all kinds of floors including hard floors. They come in non-slip form in case you are worried about falls around the home. You can get them in all kinds of designs – whatever your decor you can be sure that you will find something that is suitable.

They are made out of 100% recycled material and you can wash them at home – no more transporting your rugs to the carpet cleaner. The manufacturers of these rugs give you a 5 year warranty – if your mat suffers wear and tear in that time they will replace it for free. This tells you just how long lasting these rugs are.


Why You Should Choose the Best Convertible Soft Top Repair Kit

When the soft top of your convertible car develops some holes or cracks, you can either replace or repair it. Replacing the material is pretty costly, and you might therefore be forced to just repair it if you don’t want to spend more for a new fabric or plastic.

Choose the Best Repair Kit Brand and Buy from Reputable Shops

If you are looking for a reliable convertible soft top repair kit, you should not just buy from any shop that pops up online. Some shops are selling low-quality products, and you will not repair your car to satisfaction when using them. It is recommended to buy your repair kit from the most reputable shops out there and also consider buying the best brand.

Components of the Best Convertible Soft Top Repair Kit

– Adhesive

– Tuff Tape

– Self-adhesive patches

– Instructions

Waterproof adhesives are the best choice for soft tops, and you can choose from polyurethane glue, silicone glue and fabric glue. While the tape can serve many purposes in the repair work, the main purpose is to cover the leak to prevent glue from flowing into other parts of the car. The tuff tape is usually strong and can therefore be used to fix the leak when applied on the inside and outside of the soft top. The self-adhesive patches can be used alongside the adhesive or just alone, especially if the leak is a minor one.

Convertible Soft Top Repair Kit with Instructions is Easy to Use

The best repair kits come with instruction manuals to help users restore their convertible soft tops in the best way possible. The manuals are usually informative and teach you a number of things including:

– How to prepare to repair a convertible soft top

– Simple steps for fixing a leak in the top

– How to prevent leaks in a convertible top

– Convertible top and maintenance

With a good repair kit, you can do more than fixing leaks in ripped PVC and canvas-type fabric. Some good kits can help you repair cracks in flexible plastic window materials and worn areas in internal roof struts.

Top 3 Best Types of Cambridge Flooring


One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is selecting the wrong flooring. Selecting the wrong flooring is one of the most costly mistakes you can make because it is not something easy to reverse. This is because flooring is a major structural component to a house that you do not want to have to replace. Replacement of flooring will not only cost you money on supplies, but it will also cost you money on labour. Therefore, it significantly pays to educate yourself on what type of flooring is available and what type of flooring would be best for your home. Below is a list of the top 3 types of flooring that are guaranteed to deliver satisfaction.

Top 3 Best Types of Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Wood Flooring
  • Tile Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminmate flooring is known for its vast array of benefits. First, laminate flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring there is. It can last decades without needing any repair. It is also highly resistant to damage from pets and children. Secondly, laminate flooring comes in a variety of beautiful designs that can satisfy even the pickiest of consumers. In recent years there have been major changes to laminate flooring that allow it to be more customizable. Therefore, you can find about anything you want design-wise without giving up any quality.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has long been a popular type of flooring with people of all demographics. Wood flooring has become suprisingly affordable thanks to this high demand. With wood flooring, you get much of the same benefits that come with laminate flooring. Some people think that wood flooring looks better, but is is not as economical as laminate flooring and does not come with as many advantages.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is also a lot like laminate flooring. It lasts a long time like laminate flooring, but it is not cosmetically as beautiful in most cases. It does carry all the benefits that laminate flooring does in terms of being easy to clean and being very pet-friendly.


There are numerous type of flooring out there. Each type comes with its unique set of benefits and advantages. However, there are 3 types that considerably rise above the rest when it comes to superiority. By choosing one of the three types of flooring listed in this article you will virtually guarantee yourself satisfaction.

Luxury Holidays in Norfolk

If you are looking for luxury self-catering cottages in the UK then Wheatacre Hall Barns is the place to go. We are situated in Waveney Valley at the southern tip of the Norfolk Broads near the historic city of Norwich. Our cottages sit on a dairy farm of 1100 acres. We are very proud of them – they are all made out of converted barns but in order to maintain British rustic charm we left most of the original features in. Each cottage is furnished like any room that you would find in a high class hotel.
 There is plenty to do all around. You can start by strolling through the countryside – there are underwater pathways that people love to explore. There is also a lot of old British architecture for you to see. Norwich is not far away and there is a lot to see there. If you just want to lean back and relax you can always head to the beach which takes a walk of about 5 minutes. In fact, we are surrounded by lots of tourist attractions both for adults and for kids, including several theme parks that are just a few miles away.
 Our visitors prepare their own meals so you will need to bring supplies. Alternatively, you can shop for fresh supplies at the farmer’s market in our local town, Beccles. There are also shops, salons, barber shops and of course a few traditional British pubs where you can meet the locals. For a day of solitude you can head to any one of the fishing spots that are in the area. This area if full of them and there are lots of different kinds of fish to be found.
 If you are not very fond of cooking don’t worry – you can still enjoy your holiday in our cottages at Wheatacre Hall Barns. Just tell us what you want to eat 24 hours in advance and our expert chef will deliver your meals to your room. Alternatively, there are great local restaurants that are a few minutes’ drive away.
 Our cottages come in different sizes so think about bringing your family along. Kids love our dairy farm because they get to interact with nature and also see where their food comes from. They, and of course you, are welcome to watch the milking – we have 200 cows – early in the morning and in the evening. We also have more than 10,000 free range chicken and several pigs. We grow a variety of food crops that we sell to local markets and you are welcome to buy some to take back home at the end of your stay.
 We are able to provide additional beds for a small fee and if you have any special needs, such as baby cots or wheelchair ramps let us know and we will have them waiting for you when you arrive.
Don’t wait until the last minute to book a holiday with us. Scroll down this page to see out cottages and book one now:

Cambridge Carpenters

You have a big construction project coming up in Cambridge and you cannot afford to take any risks – anyone you hire to work on it, including carpenters, must be very good at what they do. The problem is that all carpenters, whether good or not, will tell you that they are the best in the business. It is up to you to be discerning – you have to do your due diligence to find out which ones are the best.
The first thing that you have to do is look at track record. Find contractors and others who have worked with the carpenters that you are interviewing and ask about the quality of work that they received. Quality of work is not enough. Good work is not enough; it can be extremely difficult to work with a carpenter who is unprofessional. It doesn’t matter if they do top-notch work; if they take too long to do it they will delay your project and end up costing you hundreds of thousands of pounds. You should find out everything about a carpentry company before you give them a contract.
It is very important that you get a written quote in advance. This way you can avoid surprises along the way. Make sure to ask for the quote to be broken down so that you can know exactly what you are paying for. The quote should be broken into stages – if everything is lumped together it can be quite confusing.
You should also get a very specific contract that details the whole job. It should describe the job and then break it up into smaller parts showing how much each will cost and also how long it will take. In case you are wondering why all this documentation it is because big jobs go wrong all the time. This is documentation that you can use to get legal recourse in case the carpenter doesn’t deliver as stated.
One company that you cannot go wrong with is ALN Carpentry and Joinery. They have a lot of experience with big projects and they can deliver as promised. You can find out more on

Top Reasons To Send Your Daughter To A Private School For Girls 


If you have a gifted daughter, then chances are they are being held back by the public school system. The problem with the public school system is that it does not provide an express pathway for gifted students. Rather, it holds them back for the benefit of less talented students. The good news is that you do not have to accept this. You do not have to accept this because you have an alternate option for your daughter. That alternate option is private schools that are designed specifically for girls. These private girl schools specialize in female studies, optimal environment, and much more. Therefore, there are numerous reasons to send your daughter to a private school for girls. Below is a list of the top reasons to invest in one of these schooling programs.

Reasons To Send Your Daughter To A Private Girl School

  • Top-Notch Academic Facilities
  • Opportunity To Play Niche Sports
  • Better Networking For Opportunities Later On

Top-Notch Academic Facilities

The academic opportunities at these facilities are second to none. They have better libraries, teachers, and after-school programs. These schools offer more rare things such as debate teams and chess teams. Also, you have the ability to do research projects that you can publish in journals, even at an early age. These opportunities are rarely found in the public school system.

Opportunity To Play Nice Sports

Public schools only provide sports are fit into the standard categories. They do not offer niche sports such as lacrosse, soccer, and rugby. These rare sports can lead to a host of opportunities at ivy-league schools.

Better Networking For Opportunities Later On

When you are at a more reputable school, you get to meet big name people and network for better opportunities down the line.


CCSS – Boarding Schools at Their Finest

The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS) is a fully accredited institute of higher learning. With a diverse student body and faculty, the school is committed to excellence in all academic classes and programs. For years, the Centre has been the premier top independent boarding schools UK for countless domestic and international students.  Whether for college prep or educational enrichment, CCSS features some of the finest teachers and instructors in the UK. With an emphasis on free-thinking and individual expression, students have access to a myriad of subjects – all designed to broaden their educational horizons. If looking for an educational experience of a lifetime, CCSS will truly achieve any and all desired results.

Boarding Choices

CCSS is designed to make each student feel at home. With five boarding options, each housing unit has its own unique allure and flavor. All student rooms and facilities are always neat and conducive to optimal comfort and flexibility. With spacious closets, rooms, and superfast Wi-Fi, students get to live and learn in a great boarding house that meets all their needs. Each floor also features beverage and snack stations – and house managers and staff are always available 24/7. No matter the semester, course, or program, student needs are taken care of day and night by licensed and caring staff members. Boarding houses at CCSS include:

Excellence in Education

CCSS is much more than a center of excellence in education. We strive to help students find themselves, while shaping their futures in a positive and proactive manner. Students receive the best in education but are also challenged to become independent and free thinkers. There are also several clubs they can join, while celebrating the diversity of the Centre with cultural programs and events. Students also get to learn from instructors and teachers from a range of industries and sectors. With a friendly and warm atmosphere, the institute is designed to help students learn and grow as they prepare for college and life in general.

Start Your Educational Journey Today

If you are ready for a rewarding educational experience, CCSS welcomes one and all with open arms. Simply visit our website for more information on classes, coursework, and boarding options. We have produced some of the finest students in the UK – that have moved onto great careers and propelled in all facets of academia. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a tour of CCSS and start your educational journey today!

4 Advantages of Soya Milk That Make It Superior To Other Milk Types


If you or someone looking to add a new health boost to their regimen then look no further than soya milk. Soya milk is not only great tasting, but it has one of the most spectacular macronutrient profiles of any drink. Many people do not drink milk because they either view it as unhealthy or their body cannot digest it due to the fact that it has a lot of lactose in it. However, soya milk is made from a being believe it or not. It does not contain anything that even resembles a dairy product. With a dairy taste and a health superfood profile, it is hard not to be excited about the emergence of soya milk in the common food market. Below is a list of four incredible advantages of soya milk that make it superior to other types of milk.

Advantages of fresh milk delivery

  • Contains Essential Healthy Fats
  • High In Calcium
  • High Protein Content
  • Low In Calories

#1. Contains Essential Healthy Fats

Soya milk contains essential healthy fats that play a major role in crucial biological functions in the body. One such role is the synthesis of steroid hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Also, there are no harmful fats or artery clogging fats that are found in soya milk.

#2. High In Calcium

One of the most important nutrients in the human diet that most people do not get enough of is calcium. Calcium plays a huge role in bone development, bone strength maintenance, and bone disease prevention. Many people consider dairy milk to be one of the best and tastiest sources of natural calcium. While that may be true,  soya milk has twice the calcium and none of the health risk.

#3. High Protein Content

In recent years it has been discovered that carves are not the best thing for you in high proportion and that most people do not get enough protein in their diets.  The typical Western diet contains way too much carbohydrate.  Soya milk contains a high protein content and a low-carb content.

#4. Low In Calories 

Obesity is one of the major problems in Western culture and milk is a major contributor.  Lower calorie soya milk lowers obesity probability.

3 Tips For Ordering A Christmas Turkey Introduction

If you are looking to have an amazing Christmas dinner then you should seriously consider buying a Christmas turkey. Ordering a free range turkey is one of the most ironclad ways to ensure that your Christmas dinner will be a huge success. There is no need to worry about learning how to cook your turkey differently or having to do something different on Christmas than what you normally do when preparing a turkey. What you normally do when preparing a turkey is you prepare it Thanksgiving style or at least something close to it. What that means is that you usually accompany the turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry preserve. You can do this exact thing on Christmas as it is becoming a huge tradition in many households. Imagine being able to have Christmas dinner be as good or better than Thanksgiving dinner. This is why you should order a Christmas turkey for Christmas this year. Below is a list of three tips for ordering a Christmas turkey.

Tips for Ordering Christmas Turkey

  1. Select a Pre-Seasoned Turkey Over An Unseasoned One
  2. Order A Large Turkey For A Better Deal
  3. Pre-Plan The Whole Meal Beforehand

#1 – Select a Pre-Seasoned Turkey Over An Unseasoned One

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when ordering a Christmas turkey is that they opt for an unseasoned one so that they can season it themselves. The sad truth is that most people have no idea how to properly season a turkey and would be much better off to leave it to the professionals. Cooking your turkey fresh is plenty on your part.

#2 – Order A Large Turkey For A Better Deal 

For the best deal, you need to order a large turkey. This is a much better option than ordering a few small turkeys when it comes to price value.

#3 – Pre-Plan The Whole Meal Beforehand

In order to have the best Christmas day success, you need to plan your meal ahead of time. This means you need to plan it before you order your turkey so that you know exactly how much turkey you need and thus be able to figure out how to budget your purchase.