Buy Adult Nappies

Many people prefer to buy adult nappies online – they don’t have to deal with rude stares on checkout queues and there is a wider selection available. If you are buying them for the first time you may be surprised at how many different types there are. Confronted with so many choices many people often choose the first thing that they can afford but if you are not more discerning you may end up with useless adult nappies that may cause you embarrassment in public. Before you buy make sure to look into the following:
Absorbency – this depends on how much you leak. If you are not losing more than a few drops every few hours you may not need to buy adult nappies at all. There are incontinence pads that can be attached to your underwear that will take care of accidental leaks. If you are buying the nappies for someone who is very sick you should choose a brand that has high absorbency.
Comfort – you should choose adult nappies the same way you choose baby nappies – with comfort in mind. When worn for long periods they can lead to chafing so you should nappies are made out of a fabric that is kind to the skin.
Strap-on vs. pull-ups – strap-ons are best for people who have a problem with arthritis or bending but the risk with them is that if they become soaked the straps may come lose. Pull ups reduce the chance of accidents happening but you need to be spry enough to bend every time you need to go.
Price – this matters if you will be using the nappies in the long term. You need to find a brand that delivers for the amount that you are willing to pay.
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