A Gore Tex Spray can reactivate Waterproofing of Your Garments

So you just bought your Gore-Tex rain jacket and have your angling rod ready. It rains all day and by the time you are back home you are soaking wet, even when your undergarments are not. The outer fabric of your jacket dampened because it did not have a Gore Tex spray coating.

Most waterproof fabrics are designed with what you call a Gore-Tex membrane. This membrane prevents water from getting into the inner fabric of your clothing and drenches your inner garments. However, the same waterproof membrane does nothing to protect the outer fabric of your garments. This is why you go back home feeling drenched and clammy even though you are dry inside.

Benefits of Gore Tex Spray

It is important to protect the outer fabric of your clothes from wet outs. Gore Tex Spray contain an ingredient solvent known as durable water repellent polymer. This polymer forms an ultra-thin coating on the outer fabric.  Once the solvent dries out, it becomes a protective layer that makes fabrics 100% waterproof.

You can buy Gore Tex spray online and have it delivered to your doorstep. The package comes with a convenient spray bottle for easy application. Once the DWR solvent dries off, it adds a waterproof on the outer fabric fully protecting your clothes from rain or humidity.

How to apply the Gore Tex Spray

For successful application, first wash your garments and let them dry. Then apply Gore Tex spray evenly on the fabric and let it dry for about 20minutes. The timing is relative depending on how heavy or light the fabric is. Besides your clothes, Gore tex spray can also be used on outdoor tents, hats, shoes, and even waterproof backpacks.

Gore Tex Spray can ensure your garments are 100% protected from wet outs. With your outer fabric properly protected, you can fully enjoy the outdoors and never worry about getting soaked.